BESC Certificate for Senegal

Senegal BESC Certificate for Every Dakar Shipments

Senegal – Dakar BESC Full Form

BESC Certificate – BESC (Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison) is a shipping document that eases the clearance procedure for the importer and helps the customs Authorities to observe and control the import traffic of the country. BESC is mandatory for all shipments to Senegal since 2008.

Exporters and Freight Forwarders are responsible for providing the BESC. Getting this document is a must for all shipments, commercial, non-commercial and even for diplomatic cargoes. 

The procedure for obtaining the BESC certificate is quite easy. The only thing the exporter/freight forwarder needs to do is providing the required documents to the CTN/BSC agents. All the procedure is online, so no matter where you are you can start your application procedure with one click.

Which are Documents Mandatory for Senegal Cargo Tracking Note Obtainment

The documents you need to provide to apply for the BESC certificate for Senegal are;

  • Bill of Lading (a Draft Copy can be used for the draft)
  • Commercial Invoice (Incoterm, reference and the date has to be mentioned on)
  • Freight Invoice (It has to be provided if the freight value is not mentioned on the commercial invoice)

What are the Regulations for Senegal ECTN Certificate?

According to the regulations, the BESC certificate must be validated at least 5 days before the vessel arrives at the destination. If the shipment arrives without BESC or with false information mentioned in the document, you will face a hefty fine which is twice the cost of the certificate, also, the regulation charge is determined by the Senegal National Port Authorities.

You have all the documents and need a certificate, so What is the next step? Firstly, you need to find an assigned agent which provides the CTN/BSC certificate service. The only thing you need to do is to provide all the required documents via email or any online system they offer. After that stage, your draft will be prepared by the experienced people in a short time.

The most important stage is checking your draft and confirming unless there are any amendments needed to avoid any penalties because of the false information on the document. If you realize that there is a mistake on the validated document, you can make changes but there will be an extra amendment fee. That’s why checking the draft is the most important part of your responsibility.

Usually, your invoice will be issued and sent to you with your draft, however, since the payment might take some time especially if it is T/T transfer, for your urgent applications you can make an advance payment in order not to wait for the finance procedures. This is very helpful especially if you have regular shipments.

After your confirmation and the payment, your certificate will be ready within 24 hours. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Senegal Cargo Tracking Note

Is it mandatory to mention the BSC number on the Bill of Lading?

  • The ECTN/BSC number for Senegal does not need to be mentioned on the Bill of Lading copy unless specifically required by your shipping line.

Do I need to get BSC if my shipment is in transit through Senegal to Mali?

  • For the shipment to Mali as a final destination through Senegal, you only need to get a BSC certificate for Mali.

Can I get the BSC certificate if my shipment has already arrived at the destination?

  • Yes, even after your shipment arrived at the port of Senegal, you can get your certificate in a day in order to avoid the penalty charges.

We shared true and kindly all over the information about Senegal BESC Full Form with extra details.

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