In order to issue Senegal BESC, you need to provide below documents.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading is the most important document for BESC issuance since it lays out the fundamental information of the BESC. You BESC should be in draft status since you will need to have an amendment on the BL for writing the BESC number.

But if you are late, don’t worry. You can still apply for BESC and have your documents validated. If your goods haven’t reached Dakar yet, you needn’t worry about the penalties.

Commercial invoice

This is the second most important document since the values on the commercial invoice should match the declaration made by the importer. Senegal uses the ORBUS system which is a single-window that matches the BESC, which counts as the exporters’ declaration with the importer’s declaration.

Freight invoice

The freight invoice is required only if the value is not mentioned on the commercial invoice. Often in CFR or CIF shipments, the freight value is mentioned on the commercial invoice.

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