BESC is a compulsory document for all shipments to Senegal.

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The BSC Certificate, also known as the Cargo Tracking Note, is a mandatory document for all consignments entering Senegal. It is a tracking and control mechanism, ensuring that all imported goods comply with Senegalese regulations and standards. We provide you with comprehensive information, guidance, and support while obtaining your BSC Certificate smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free shipment process to Senegal.

How to apply?

Step 1

Collect and provide a list of documents to us. If you are not sure which documents are required, please check here.

Step 2

Get the BESC number and put it on the bill of lading. It is recommended for all shippers to have the BESC number on the BL.

Step 3

Get the validated BESC in a PDF form and have your importer register the BESC in the Orbus system. To learn more click here.

Required documents:

sample bill of lading
sample bill of lading

Bill of lading

Sample commercial invoice
Sample commercial invoice

Commercial invoice


Freight ınvoice


The BESC issuance is the duty of the exporter, shipper or it’s a responsible freight forwarder. Even if you agree with the importer on transferring the responsibility the shipper may still face penalties.

General information

Why are African Loading Documents Important?

In Africa, the regulation and acceptance of trade at ports hinge on the submission of mandatory loading documents. Essential among these are certificates like the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN), Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (BSC), and the Conseil National des Chargeurs de l’Afrique (CNCA).

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Is Senegal BSC Certificate Mandatory?

A loading certificate known as a BSC, or Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons, is required for any cargo that is acquired from overseas and carried for commercial, business, and occasionally diplomatic objectives, as per the regulation set down by Senegalese customs officials in 2008.

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Recommended Ports to Obtain BSC Certificate in Senegal

The requirement for a BSC Certificate applies to all sea ports in the country. The primary port in Senegal is the Port of Dakar, one of the largest and most important deep-sea ports on the West African coast. Given the significance of Dakar as a major maritime hub, it is particularly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSC Certificate?

It is a document widely used in trade between African countries. BSC is a loading document that ensures that the cargo sent is tracked in a safe and orderly manner. This document aims to ensure that trade takes place in accordance with government regulations and in a transparent manner.

Who is required to obtain an African loading document?

Who needs to obtain an African loading document may include the following situations:

  • Exporters and Importers: Trading companies are required to obtain these loading documents, which regulate and document shipments of goods.
  • Logistics Companies: Logistics companies that carry out transport operations must provide these documents to ensure the safe tracking of the goods.
  • Customs Transactions: These documents are often requested during customs clearance and their completeness is important for the smooth progress of trade.
  • Distributors and Resellers: Distributors and sellers who ensure the safe transport of goods to their destination should organise their trade by obtaining these documents.

Each African country may have its own regulations, so document requirements may vary from country to country. In general, however, loading documents are a requirement to ensure that trade is conducted in a transparent and secure manner.

Which Countries Should Obtain BSC Certificate?

It is determined by the hauler councils in 28 countries. These countries are as follows:


Angola 🇦🇴

Cameroon 🇨🇲

Benin 🇧🇯

Republic Of Congo 🇨🇬

Burkina Faso 🇧🇫

Liberia 🇱🇷

Burundi 🇧🇮

Libya 🇱🇾

Chad 🇹🇩

Madagascar 🇲🇬

Djibouti 🇩🇯

Mali 🇲🇱

D. Republic Of The Congo 🇨🇩

Niger 🇳🇪

Egypt 🇪🇬

Nigeria 🇳🇬

Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇶

Central African Republic 🇨🇫

Gambia 🇬🇲

Senegal 🇸🇳

Gabon 🇬🇦

Sierra Leone 🇸🇱

Ghana 🇬🇭

South Sudan 🇸🇸

Guinea Bissau 🇬🇼

Somalia 🇸🇴

Guinea Conakry 🇬🇳

Togo 🇹🇬

Ivory Coast 🇨🇮

How Can I Obtain a BSC Certificate for Senegal?

Application Documents;


  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice

All documents must be in PDF format as the whole process is done online.

Can I Use Senegal BSC Number in Other Posts?

No, you cannot use the Senegal BSC number for different shipments. The BSC number is unique and limited to a single shipment. Each cargo shipment must be registered with a unique BSC number. This is an electronic certificate that identifies the specific cargo and transport details of the shipment.

Therefore, you must obtain and use a separate BSC number for each shipment. The uniqueness of the BSC number provides a system by which the shipment is verified and tracked. If different shipments try to use the same BSC number, it can prevent the system from working properly and cause problems in customs processes.

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